On the Cart Preview Screen (two step), the "Special instructions" component only works if "Requested for" is also enabled.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Enable two step checkout for catalog items.
  2. Navigate to Maintain Cart Layouts > Cart Preview Screen (Two step).
  3. On the Components tab, check that the Requested For option is not selected.
  4. With browser dev tools open, order any item.
  5. On the final checkout page, fill out the Special Instructions field.
  6. Click Checkout.
    The following error occurs:
    Uncaught ReferenceError: catSpecialInstructions is not defined
  7. If you show XML, note that the Special Instructions column was not populated.


The macros sc_cart_view_special_instructions and sc_cart_view_requested_for contain code that call to "CartCheckoutFunctionsV2 .jsdbx" in the wrong place, so the old macros need to be disabled and new ones have to be created. The new macros are attached to this article. Download the macros before performing the steps below.

Inactivating the old macros:

  1. Go to Service Catalog > Maintain Cart Layouts.
  2. Open Cart Preview Screen (Two Step).
  3. In Widget Macros related list or section, click the cog to add/remove columns to the list and add the column Active.
  4. Set Active to false for the macros:
    • sc_cart_view_special_instructions (or sc_cart_view_attachment in Fuji)
    • sc_cart_view_requested_for

Adding the new macros:

  1. Log in as Maint.
  2. Import the 2 xml files attached to this article.
  3. Navigate to Service Catalog > Maintain Cart Layouts.
  4. Open Cart Preview Screen (Two Step).
  5. In Widget Macros related list or section, click Edit.
  6. Add both imported macros:
    • sc_cart_view_special_instructions_workaround
    • sc_cart_view_requested_for_workaround
  7. Give them same Order value as the old versions (700 and 600 respectively). 

Related Problem: PRB635915

Seen In

Eureka Patch 10

Fixed In

Fuji Patch 7

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