In some cases, users have reported an odd, text-only appearance for the mobile UI when it is first used after the plugin is installed.  The screenshot below shows the appearance when first logging into the mobile UI on a mobile device just after the installation of the mobile UI (com.glide.ui.m) plugin.





This is caused by elements retained in the instance cache previous to the mobile plugin installation. 


This issue can be resolved by performing a cache flush on the instance using the steps below. In all reported cases, a single cache flush after installing the mobile plugin permanently resolves the issue. 


To flush an instance cache:

  1. Browse to the following URL, replacing <instance_name> with the name of the affected instance:
    • https://<instance_name>.service-now.com/cache.do

The cache clear above can be performed at any time. The only affect of doing so can be a very slight performance decrease on the instance for a minute or two while the cache rebuilds.  


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Last Updated:2018-08-01 06:41:32