The calendar picker for Date/Time fields does not appear in the Legacy mobile UI in Fuji. This appears to work as expected in Calgary, but when used in Fuji, the picker does not appear when the field is selected, and the following error appears client side:

ReferenceError: Can't find variable: StopWatch
getXMLWait (mobile_js_includes.jsx, line 2134)
_loadNewMessages (mobile_js_includes.jsx, line 2481)
getMessages (mobile_js_includes.jsx, line 2462)
getMessages (mobile_js_includes.jsx, line 2591)
_getMessages (mobile_js_includes.jsx, line 4689)
initialize (mobile_js_includes.jsx, line 4090)
e (mobile_js_includes.jsx, line 10)
datePicker (mobile_js_includes.jsx, line 1322)
global code (wm_task.do, line 1)

This appears to work as expected in the new mobile UI, but this is not an option for our customers using Windows mobile devices.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Clear the value on the glide.ui.m_agents system property to prevent the instance form using the current mobile UI.
  2. Add a Date/Time field to a form's mobile view.
  3. Access the instance on a mobile device.
  4. Navigate to the form where the field was added in step 2.
  5. Tap into the Date/Time field or tap the picker icon next to the field.
  6. Note the expected calendar picker does not appear.




This issue is under investigation by our mobile development team. Updates will be provided as they become available.

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Fuji Patch 3

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