Mobile favorites are icons that appear on the Mobile Homepage, and are used quickly link to commonly used items. Any list, record, or catalog items can be made a favorite. 


Mobile Favorites are stored on an  instance as sys_ui_home_favorite records. These can be seen on your instance by browsing to System Mobile UI → Home Page Favorites. This list contains the favorites for all users. Some of these favorites have blank user fields. These are default favorites.

When a user logs into the instance using the Mobile UI for the first time, the user's favorites are generated by the instance. The new user will gain a copy of each of the default favorites. This is done so that the user can delete or modify these favorites without affecting other users.


Any list, form, or catalog item can be made a favorite by using the following steps.

1. Browse to the desired list, form, or catalog item. 

2. Tap and hold the homepage button on the low left of the screen.

3. A pop-up will appear where the Title, Color, and Icon of the new favorite can be set.

 To modify or delete a favorite after it has been created, tap and hold the favorite. 

Any favorite with a blank user field is a default favorite, and copies will be made for each user the first time they access the mobile UI. Defaults can be created by making a favorite using the process above, and then finding them in the desktop UI by browsing to System Mobile UI → Home Page Favorites and clearing the user field. Favorites can also be manually created by clicking the New button on the Home Page Favorites list. 

Note that creating a new default favorite will not automatically create a copy for all users, since this is only done when a user first logs in. There are a couple of ways to get a newly create favorite to an existing user.   

The first is to create a copy manually. This can be done by opening the favorite record, entering the user's name in the User field, and clicking the Insert button. 

The second option is to remove the users current favorites. If the user has no favorites, the instance will act as if the user has logged in for the first time, and re-create copies of all default favorites.

This can be difficult when trying to add favorites for multiple accounts. Bear in mind that while an initial set of defaults can be created, the design intention is that favorites be modified and individualized by the users rather than a static set of icons available to all users. 

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There are a couple of known issues to be aware of:

PRB612649:  Icons missing from favorites section of mobile homepage (Express Only.  Fixed as of Eureka Patch 7)
PRB627447:  Mobile favorites with Labels greater than 14 characters it will not wrap, and the text is cut off (Under Investigation)


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