The domain-specific "display" business rule is not triggered in mobile view. The "before" and "after" rules do work as expected.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Enable Domain Separation and associated UI macro.
  2. Switch to a different domain. 
  3. From that domain, create a business rule with the following attributes: 
    • Name: Tester 
    • Table: Incident 
    • Click Advanced 
    • When: display 
    • Condition: State is New 
    • Condition: Assignment Group is empty 
    • Action: Set Assignment Group to CAB Approval
  4. Open the Create New Incident form.
    Note that the Assignment Group field is populated (ensuring you are still in the domain).
  5. Switch to Mobile view ($ 
  6. Open the Create New Incident mobile form.
    Note that the Assignment Group field is not populated. I
    t is only domain-specific business rules for "display" that are failing. Before and after business rules work correctly.


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Eureka Patch 7 Hot Fix 4

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