In Mobile list view, no configurable option to change search functionality; however search results can still be obtained using the filter/breadcrumb options.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Go to an affected instance using the desktop UI
  2. Create a mobile view for cmdb_ci.
  3. Ensure that the Serial Number field is on the mobile view for cmdb_ci.
  4. Ensure that the Serial Number field is on the mobile list view for cmdb_ci.
  5. Go to the list view for cmdb_ci.
  6. Get any Serial Number value from any record.
  7. Switch to the mobile UI.
  8. Open a list of cmdb_ci records.
  9. On the header in the search box, enter the serial number from step 6.
  10. Notice that after applying the above steps, nothing is returned.



This issue has been fixed since Helsinki. Search fields are now configurable. You can customize which fields on a list are searchable on mobile. This is configured by "Table Titles" (sys_ui_title). Table Title records have the option to specify "Search Fields" for a specific table. The mobile apps will then search those fields when searching a list.


Related Problem: PRB633582

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Eureka Patch 6

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