Considerations about Pause in Service Level Agreements


The Paused stage for a task_sla is only an indicator that the record is paused. The 2010 and 2011 SLA Engines consider a task_sla to be paused only if the pause_time field is not null. If the pause time was not recorded in the record, it is not really paused and will continue to be processed even if the stage says Paused.
While a task_sla is paused, the planned_end_time does not have any meaning because the engine has stopped calculating it. Because the length of the pause is undefined, the planned_end_time can't be known. The SLA Engine leaves the value set to its last expected value, and will recalculate the Planned end time when it comes off pause and resumes.
As documented in "Example: Using Relative Durations with SLAS" in the product documentation page Define a Relative Duration, pause processing is not compatible with relative durations. This is the reason the Pause Condition is removed from the form when you specify a relative duration in a SLA Definition.


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