In Eureka, catalog items were sorted under a service catalog category by order and then alphabetically. In Fuji, the items are only sorted by order.

Steps to Reproduce

Consider the listing for the category Software. The list sorts differently from the base system even though the order for the items are all 0. 

On a Eureka instance, the Software listing is: 

  • Access 
  • Acrobat 
  • Dreamweaver 
  • Fireworks 
  • Lotus Notes 

On a Fuji instance, if you make Dreamweaver and Lotus Notes active, then the Software listing is: 

  • Access 
  • Acrobat 
  • QuickTime Pro 
  • Lotus Notes 
  • Fireworks


Set the Order field on the item. (See Controlling the Sort Sequence Used to Display Lists in the product documentation.)

Note: When the sort order is set for an item, it may change the the sort order for the item in other categories in which the item is included.  

Related Problem: PRB629475

Seen In

Dublin Patch 7 Hot Fix 2
Eureka Patch 2
Fuji Patch 1
Fuji Patch 2 Hot Fix 1
Fuji Patch 3
Fuji Patch 4 Hot Fix 4
Geneva Patch 4

Fixed In

Fuji Patch 5

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