ServiceNow has created an automated workflow to support the demo data removal process for as instances. Customers request to remove demo data from an instance via a Service Catalog item to create a Change, which is completed using end-to-end automation.

This catalog item provides details on how to remove demo data from an instance. It is strongly encouraged that demo data removal on production be successfully verified on a sub-production instance that is a recent clone of the production instance.

Users with the customer_admin or partner_admin role can request demo data removal on an instance using this service catalog.

You can request the Remove Demo Data service catalog by following below steps:

  1. Navigate to the Now Support (HI)
  2. Browse to the Service Catalog
  3. Under Instance Management, select Remove Demo Data
    You can also access this catalog via Now Support app (Download Now Support App for Android | iOS)

  4. Specify the instance from which to remove demo data. (If you are having trouble finding your instance, use "*" for a "contains" query.)
  5. Specify the date and time to remove demo data in the target instance
  6. If a production instance is selected for demo data removal, user should select one of the below options before submitting the catalog
    1. I confirm the removal of demo data has been tested in a sub-production instance.
    2. Production instance is not live
    3. Proceed without testing in sub-production instance
  7. Click on submit button
  8. A confirmation message will appear
  9. A new change request is created for the zBoot request and the request is displayed automatically. The Planned end date is automatically calculated based on the Planned start date plus 5 hours, which is approximately how long the zBoot process takes.

    As needed, add people to the Watch list and any Additional comments as necessary and click on Update.

  10. After the planned start time is reached, an automated workflow is triggered to remove the demo data from the specified instance.

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Last Updated:2020-06-11 09:39:05