Requesting demo data removal using the service catalog


Users with the customer_admin or partner_admin role and internal users can request demo data removal on an instance using the service catalog, instead of submitting the request as an incident. It is strongly encouraged that demo data removal on production be successfully verified on a sub-production instance that is a recent clone of the production instance.



Demonstrates how to request removal of demo data from your instance.


Requesting demo data removal on an instance
  1. Navigate to

  2. Click Service Catalog and, under Instance Management, click Remove Demo Data.

  3. In Please select the instance, specify the instance from which to remove demo data. (If you are having trouble finding your instance, use "*" for a "contains" query.)

  4. Specify the date and time to remove demo data in the target instance.

    Note: Start date cannot be in the past. Also, the Planned Start Date/Time requires a minimum of 4 hours from the current time in order to process the request.


  5.  Click Submit.

  6. A new change request is created for the demo data removal request and the request is displayed automatically. 

    The Planned end date is automatically calculated based on the Planned start date plus 5 hours, which is approximately how long the demo data removal process takes.

    As needed, add people to the Watch list and add any Additional comments.

  7. Click Submit.

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