Form design menu item not available


After upgrading to Eureka (or above) or activating the Form Designer, the respective context menu item is not visible.


Steps to reproduce:
  • In the navigation filter, enter incident.
  • Open any incident.
  • Right-click the form header.
  • Select Personalize (Configure in Fuji), and observe the list of items available in the dropdown.
  • Notice that the Form Design item is not available.

Form Design missing



The menu item that appears when right-clicking on the form header is rendered using the context_form_header UI macro (/

When the instance is upgraded to Eureka (or later), it tries to update the context_form_header UI macro, adding the respective logic for this plugin to get the option: if the plugin is active, the context menu item will appear.

When an object (such as this UI macro) is customized, this is tracked in the Customer Updates (sys_update_xml) table. To prevent customizations from being overwritten during upgrades or plugin activations, the process automatically skips changes to the objects that have a version in the Customer Updates table.


Revert the UI macro to the base system and lose the customizations. If there are any customizations that you want to preserve, copy the changes, and revert the context_form_header UI Macro to the base system. Merge the customizations back manually.

To revert to the base system:

  1. Navigate to System Diagnostics > Upgrade History.
  2. Identify the record that represents your recent upgrade (for example, Fuji), and open it.
  3. Filter the Upgrade Details related list by [File name] [is] [sys_ui_macro_2ff1c56ca9fe3dba014340c4697b5088]
  4. Select the record.
  5. Click Revert to Out-of-box to overwrite the UI macro with the default version.

Return of the Form Design option

Note: For more information about Upgrade History, see Upgrade History module in the product documentation.


If you are unable to identify the record or revert the UI macro, export it from a demo instance and import it into the affected instance(s).  

Warning: When importing a UI macro, the Customer Updates table is still tracking customizations, so there is a possibility of the issue reoccurring in future upgrades. To mitigate, see Overwrite a customization during an upgrade.


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