Error "Sparse storage format has one field, sys_id" in Performance Analytics job logs 


The following error can appear in the Performance Analytics job logs:
Sparse storage format has one field, sys_id 

This error can be caused by:

  • fact table of the breakdown assigned to an indicator is different from the fact table from the indicator
  • the script used in an indicator is referring to a table column that does not exist
  • an indicator is using a aggregate combined with a column that does not exist


Resolving the error

  1. View the job log.
  2. Search for the error.
  3. Identify the first preceding row where the message contains "Processing Indicator Source ..."
  4. Use the indicator source mentioned to search for associated automated indicators.
  5. For each indicator, verify the breakdowns and scripts used.

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Last Updated:2016-11-03 11:42:47