Upgrading to Fuji without high security prevents access to knowledge articles  

Knowledge articles are no longer accessible after upgrading to Fuji on an instance without high security.


After upgrading to Fuji from an older version without high security enabled, users can no longer read or create knowledge articles.


Without high security, tables with no ACLs allow access to all users. Tables with ACLs require users to satisfy those ACLs to read or write records.

Prior to Fuji, the kb_knowledge table did not specify any ACLs. With Knowledge v3, several ACLs were added for the kb_knowledge table. 
Knowledge v3 uses User Criteria to control access to knowledge bases. Define user criteria records and consfigure your knowledge bases to grant or restrict access based on these user criteria.

Alternatively, create a new "read" ACL with the appropriate logic to allow access to records belonging to version 2 knowledge bases.


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Last Updated:2016-10-26 06:38:25