Some customers have had state data for task entries altered during the upgrade to Fuji. This has occurred when upgrading to Fuji from an earlier release when the task table is not flattened and the Scrum Process Pack plugin is active. The defect causes a fix script to be executed. The fix script changes task records with a state value of 4 to a new state value of 8. The script uses GlideMultipleUpdate API to fix the rm_enhancement and rm_defect tables. GlideMultipleUpdate API does not work well with non-flattened instances and causes all task records with a state value of 4 to be changed to a state value of 8.

Steps to Reproduce

To determine if your instance is at risk for this issue, please test the following 3 items. If any of these are false, the instance is not at risk.

1. The instance is on a release version before the Fuji family.

    • To quickly check the release version, load the following page (after adding your instance name) and search for the string Build name:

2. SDLC Scrum plugin is enabled.

    • To quickly check if the plugin is enabled, load the following page (after adding your instance name):
  • If the Status field is Active, the plugin is enabled.

3. The extension model for the Task table is not Table per hierarchy.

    • To confirm the extension model, load the Table list, filtered to show this specific record (add your instance name):
  • If it is not already present, add the Extension model column. For more information about customizing columns, see Personal Lists.
  • If the value in the Extension model column is not Table per hierarchy, then your instance may be at risk. 


Please see the Fixed In section below for a list of versions in which the issue is fixed. Upgrading to a Fuji release at or after the listed versions ensures that your instance will not be affected.

Related Problem: PRB630136

Seen In

Calgary Patch 2 Hot Fix 5
Calgary Patch 7 Hot Fix 2
Dublin Patch 7 Hot Fix 2
Eureka Patch 4 Hot Fix 1
Fuji Patch 1
Fuji Patch 2 Hot Fix 1
Fuji Patch 3

Fixed In

Fuji Patch 2 Hot Fix 5
Fuji Patch 3 Hot Fix 4
Fuji Patch 5

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