Instances that have been upgraded to Fuji, but are still on the legacy mobile UI, are seeing a blank screen when accessing the mobile view of lists with non-element items. For example, the issue has been reproduced on a list with a -split- item. If the user is experiencing blank pages when loading mobile list views, please upgrade to a fixed release version (see the list at the bottom of this article) or review the workaround options below for corrective actions to leverage now.

Steps to Reproduce


The following conditions will reproduce the issue:

  1. Instance is running an affected version in Fuji.
  2. User accesses a list view (of any module).
  3. User loads the mobile view, either from a mobile device or by including <instance>/?sysparm_device=mobile in the browser URL.
    A blank page is displayed.



There are two workarounds available to remove this issue.

Option 1: Re-order to ensure the page renders

  1. Go to the affected list layouts using a desktop/laptop browser.
    • For example: https://<instance_name>.service-now.com/incident_list.do?sysparm_view=mobile&sysparm_device=doctype
  2. Open the form layout tool.
    • Right-click on the table header row and select Configure > List Layout.
  3. If the Tags field is listed in the Selected box, move it up so it is before any split items.
  4. Save the form and test again with a mobile device.

Option 2: Remove all splits from mobile list layouts

  1. Open each list with a split mobile view.
  2. Select the split items in the Selected box.
  3. Remove each split.
  4. Save the form.
  5. Test again with a mobile device. 

Related Problem: PRB629856

Seen In

Fuji Patch 2 Hot Fix 1
Fuji Patch 3

Fixed In

Fuji Patch 5

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