The known error database on HI is a repository of known errors found in the ServiceNow product. Known error articles describe possible causes of issues within the system, along with steps to reproduce the issue and available workarounds. Not all known errors will affect all users. 

When a known error article is published, you can subscribe to the article. If any of the following updates are made to the problem record associated with the known error article, you are notified via email:

  • workaround is updated
  • new fix is available
  • problem state changes

Subscribing to a known error article is useful if:

  • You logged a case with ServiceNow, the case was classified as a product defect, a problem record was created, an associated known error article was created, and you want to know the latest information and workarounds available 
  • You received an email message from ServiceNow about a specific issue and the message contained a link to a known error article that will be updated as new information becomes available


Note: The subscribe feature is only available for known error articles on HI, not standard knowledge base articles.



Subscribing to known error articles

  1. Open HI at hi.service-now.com.
  2. Navigate to Self-Service > Knowledge.
  3. Click Known Error Database.
  4. Search for the known error article relevant to your issue.
  5. Open the article.
  6. Click Subscribe.

  7. You can unsubscribe at any time by opening the known error article and clicking Unsubscribe.



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Last Updated:2020-03-27 06:37:18