Fixing image attachments in service catalog item descriptions after upgrading


In recent versions of the platform, Access Control List (ACL) rules on attachment tables have been tightened. While this better secures access, the ACLs can cause problems when images are attached to catalog items that are used within the item description. When users view the item in the catalog, the images appear broken.


ACL rules and conditions

Rather than weaken the ACLs, you can make the image attachments visible to all users by taking advantage of the ACLs conditions. The rules of the base system ACL only allow you to see the attachment if you can read the record that to which it is  attached – in this case, the catalog item definition that only catalog administrators can see –  but this does not apply if there is no record linked to the specific attachment.


Remove the table and sys_id values from the attachment table for these attachments. They remain in the system with the same sys_id, so your descriptions do not need to be modified. No ACLs need to be modified either, so all other attachments stay protected:

  1. As an admin, list all image attachments currently linked to catalog item definition records. This filter includes all Fuji catalog item classes:

  1. Clear the values from the Table name and Table sys ID fields.




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Last Updated:2015-07-22 12:08:00