The client script on [sc_cart] table does not run on servicecatalog_checkout_one_v2 form.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a client script on the table Shopping Cart [sc_cart] with type of onLoad, and put an alert in the script.
  2. Ensure glide.sc.use_cart_layouts is true.
  3. Go through an order guide (for example, Request Development Project Equipment) item, and continue to the first checkout page.
  4. Notice that when layouts is false, the alert triggers. When layouts is true, the alert does not trigger.


Add the lines below to the end of servicecatalog_checkout_one_v2 UI page (/sys_ui_page.do?sys_id=3e10100bd7622100f2d224837e61033b):

<g:client_script tableName="sc_cart" type="phase1" />
<g2:client_script tableName="sc_cart" file="$[jvar_cart.getGlideRecord()]" />

See the attached file servicecatalog_checkout_one_v2.xml for the fixed UI page.


Related Problem: PRB628669

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