Lookup select variables do not render on wizards after the first load.

The sample error message below is received when the variable does not render:

2015-04-06 11:19:45 (121) Default-thread-25 4322C5454F533100A00A50EE0310C705 SEVERE *** ERROR *** null:1070:75: <g2:com.snc.expert.panel_variables> java.lang.NullPointerException
at com.glideapp.questionset.SelectQuestion.initJellyVariables(SelectQuestion.java:38)
at com.glideapp.questionset.Question.initJellyVariables(Question.java:180)
at com.glideapp.questionset.SelectQuestion.render(SelectQuestion.java:19)
at com.glideapp.questionset.QuestionSet.renderList(QuestionSet.java:121)
at com.glideapp.questionset.QuestionSet.render(QuestionSet.java:39)

2015-04-06 11:19:45 (125) Default-thread-25 4322C5454F533100A00A50EE0310C705 *** Number of errors = 1 ***

Steps to Reproduce


The error affects customers upgrading to Fuji that have the system property glide.questionset.radio.start.selected set to False.


If additional confirmation is desired, our engineering team was able to confirm the issue by following this procedure:

  1. Add a lookup select variable to a wizard panel.
  2. Load the wizard and ensure you are on the panel with the new variable.
  3. Load the wizard again and notice the lookup select variable is not rendered.



To work around this known issue, set the system property glide.questionset.radio.start.selected to True.


To access this setting via the UI, use the URL below, replacing instance_name with the name of your instance.

  1. If no rows are returned, no further action is needed
  2. If one record is returned and the Value field is True, no further action is needed
  3. If one record is returned and the Value field is False, change the value to True before upgrading to Fuji if the target release is before Patch 4

Related Problem: PRB628402

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Fuji Patch 2 Hot Fix 1

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