The customer configures a web service to export more data then recommended and suffers instance performance degradation when the export is run by the web service.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. The customer sets up a web service to export data.
  2. The amount of data is set too high, or there is no limit set to glide.ui.export.limit property.
  3. The export consumes too much system resource or causes database contention to the point of affecting instance performance.


Modify property: glide.ui.export.limit to an acceptable limit to prevent over export of data.

Note: The platform checks the property that defines the format-specific export limit (see table).
Each format can have a different limit. Although this property can be set to any value, exceeding
the default export limit can impact system performance. You may want to set the property at or
below the default limit and have users export large amounts of data in smaller increments."

See Export Limit Properties in product documentation for more information.

Related Problem: PRB627918

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Eureka Patch 6 Hot Fix 2

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