Post-Cloning quick start 



Use this quick start to restore basic services of a cloned instance.

  • Restore email service
  • Verify scheduled jobs are running properly on nodes of the cloned instance

For a complete list of post-cloning tasks, see the Post-Cloning Checklist.


Restore email service
ServiceNow intentionally disables a cloned instance's email service to prevent it from sending duplicate or unwanted email.
Warning: Due to a bug in Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, this procedure should not be performed with IE 11. Instead, either use a different version of IE, use a different browser, or perform the workaround below.


Use the following steps to restore email service.

  1. Login to the cloned instance.
  2. Navigate to System Mailboxes > Outbound > Outbox.
  3. Verify that there are no unexpected emails in the Outbox. Delete any unwanted email from the Outbox.
  4. Navigate to System Properties > Email.
  5. Select Mail sending enabled (SMTP).
  6. Select Mail receiving enabled (POP3).
  7. Click Save.
Workaround for Microsoft IE 11
  1. Navigate to https://<your server name> and set value to true.
  2. Navigate to https://<your server name> and set the value to true

Verify scheduled jobs are running properly on nodes of cloned instance

To ensure uninterrupted service and that scheduled jobs are running properly, scheduled jobs should be running on nodes of the cloned instance. Your ServiceNow administrator should understand the effects of changing scheduled jobs to different nodes before performing these steps. Contact technical support if you have questions.

  1. Log in to the cloned instance.
  2. Navigate to System Scheduler > Scheduled Jobs.
  3. Creating Personal Lists to display the Claimed By and System ID fields.
  4. Filter out entries with empty Claimed By and System ID fields.
  5. Select a scheduled job you want to run on a particular node.
  6. Set the System ID field to the node you want to run the scheduled job on or leave it blank to have it run on the next available node.
  7. Verify there are no scheduled jobs whose System ID is not part of your target instance. If the System ID is incorrect, clear the value.

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