Task and CI relationship do not display correctly 


Task relations do not display the relationship type, and all the associated task on the Project Task, Problem, Change Request form.

There are system properties to control the  max depth, and the number of relationships which can be associated for task relations and cmdb_ci. The properties are: 

  •  glide.ui.max_relations
  •  glide.ui.cmdb_max_depth

When max_relations is reached, there will be a (+) added to the relation, and the relationship types would be rendered correctly. The optimum values for these properties depends on the instance to instance, but the recommended value is to set the following:

  •  glide.ui.max_relations: 300
  •  glide.ui.cmdb_max_depth: 3



We have had a Problem (PRB614207) where the CIs on the form were running the nodes OOM, and the workaround for the issue was to create the above system properties to override the default values of 1000 for glide.ui.max_relations. While setting these properties can be used to fine tune the performance, it potentially creates an issue with the rendering of the Task and CI Relations. Both Task and CI relations share the same UI formatters, which is the reason you can see this issue on many tables.



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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:28:13