When editing a record from a list view and inserting text containing the fancy quote CHR 146 in a text field (for example, Short Description), the text is saved as inserted and not converted to CHR 39. When the updated content is opened in a form and saved, CHR 146 is replaced with the simple quote apostrophe CHR 39.

Edit operations on records from list view, and filtering operations like right-clicking and selecting Show Matching, do not entail the expected char encoding change, possibly leading to unexpected results. Importing Unicode text from other applications might also cause unexpected results in listing/reporting filters, as queries containing CHR 146 are converted to CHR 39.

For example, the Show Matching option on a column containing an apostrophe might cause no results to be returned.

Additionally, data inserted via REST API cannot invoke the "fancy quote" conversion built into the interface. This can also cause no results returned when attempting to query on strings originally including a "fancy quote."

Steps to Reproduce 

  1. Navigate to Incidents > All.
  2. Within the list view, edit and save the Short Description of a few records by inserting matching text, but with different encoded quotes (some with CHR146 and some with CHR39).
  3. If you right-click on a Short Description with quotes and select Show Matching, the fancy quote (146) is distinguished from the simple quote (39).
  4. Open a fancy-quoted record form.
  5. Save the form with no changes.
    Note that CHR39 are replaced by CHR146 automatically.
  6. Navigate back to the list view.
  7. Right-click on a Short Description with quotes and select Show Matching.
    Note that this does not distinguish the original fancy-quoted records.


This is expected behavior. Fancy quotes (CHR 146) should not be used to avoid unexpected filtering.

Related Problem: PRB608816

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Eureka Patch 3 Hot Fix 1

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