Single user records do not appear in global search


This article discusses how to troubleshooting issues if a particular user does not see search results for one or more tables when doing a global search.

Troubleshooting global searches

If a single user is unable to see records that should be appearing from a global search, this may be because they have adjusted their search groups. A global search may include catalog, knowledge, and CMS searches. When a user does a global search in ServiceNow, search groups appear next to check boxes at the top of the search results page:


To set up user preferences for search groups:

    • Users can choose to check or uncheck those boxes, which then sets the search group to be inactive or inactive as a user preference. If they do searches through CMS, knowledge or catalog, those same preferences apply. Users should recheck the impacted search group to make it active again for text searches.
    • In addition, users can click the name of the search group (Tasks, Sales, or Policy, for example) and check or uncheck tables within the search group. For example, when you click Tasks, you may see the tables selected in the Tasks search group below:

In this case, the search group is active, but because the tables within the search group are unselected, the records do not appear in the search results. To correct, reselect the desired tables.



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