Support for SNCGuru / Crossfuze Solutions modules



The Scheduled Data Extracts module is a customization provided by SNCGuru / Crossfuze Solutions: 

The Scheduled File Importer module is a customization provided by SNCGuru / Crossfuze Solutions:


Supporting SNCGuru / Crossfuze Solutions modules

ServiceNow customer support strictly handles out of the box break/fix issues. Providing assistance and troubleshooting customizations falls outside of the scope of ServiceNow customer support. 

For support and troubleshooting assistance with SNCGuru / Crossfuze Solutions modules, please contact SNCGuru at You can also contact the ServiceNow Professional Services Group, a paid service, to assist you with custom implementations.

To read a community discussion about the Scheduled Data Extract tool, see:

For additional questions, contact SNCGuru / Crossfuze Solutions at

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