In Fuji, consuming a Scripted Web Service WSDL with a web service client will fail with the following error: "The Value '' is an invalid name."

Note: you can consume the WSDL from a browser with no issues. It is only through client tools, like soap ui or .Net programs that it fails.
This also fails for both customer-created scripted web or base system web services.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Log in to your instance.
  2. Navigate to System Web Services > Scripted Web Services.
  3. Open any scripted web service record.
  4. Copy the WSDL URL.
  5. Using a tool like SoapUI, create a new project and consume the WSDL. Use the user name and password, admin/admin. Note that the web service client fails with the error: "The Value '' is an invalid name.


For the Scripted Services that have corrupt WSDLs, recreate the service in Fuji and it works as expected. 

  1. Copy the name of the existing service
  2. Change the name of the existing service, e.g. if the service is currently named "<MyService>", then rename it to "<MyService>_CORRUPT_WSDL"
  3. Create a new Scripted Service called "<MyService>" 
  4. Copy the script body from the original service into the new one
  5. It should now be possible to consume the WSDL for the new service in the SOAP client 

Related Problem: PRB624723

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Fuji Patch 2

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