Outbound SOAP request times out at 175 seconds when going through a Mid Server

The problem occurs when running a test on, for example, an outbound SOAP Action > MyOutBound >GetSomething. This SOAP message function uses the Mid Server to get the data. After 60 seconds it moves to the ECC queue (this is fine), but after 175 seconds it receives a socket timeout. All the properties were applied from Long-Running SOAP Request Support to the sys_properties table, but the request still times out at 175 seconds. This SOAP request is supposed to take approximately 30 minutes to return all the data, but times out at 175 seconds.


No matter how high the values were changed from the list (as given in the product documentation article, Long-running SOAP Request Support), the SOAP request always received a socket timeout at 175 seconds.
Because the SOAP request was going through the Mid Server, the timeout was happening at the Mid Server level. Therefore, the SOAP request was also timing out.



There is a section in the config.xml file named "Less Common Optional Parameters." The glide.http.timeout parameter value can probably go in the file. It is a protected setting, so you cannot set it from the MID Server Properties module in ServiceNow, you have to login to the MIDServer host and modify the config.xml file located in the /<midserver>/agents directory. After adding the parameter, you must restart the Mid Server.

Following is an example of the parameter value added in the config.xml file:

<!-- *************************************************************************************
* There are other parameters available for more specialized needs. These optional
* parameters are documented in the ServiceNow product documentation at the URL below:
************************************************************************************* -->

<parameter name="glide.http.timeout" value="1800000" />

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