A user with knowledge manager role doesn't have enough access to Knowledge Use and Knowledge Views content blocks on the Overview page.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. On a Geneva instance, impersonate a knowledge manager from one of the knowledge bases (for example, Bernard Laboy)
  2. Navigate to Knowledge > Overview.
  3. Click on the bar charts of Knowledge Use and Knowledge Views.

Expected result: It should display the category items related to the knowledge base(s) the manager belongs to.

Actual result: The knowledge manager doesn't have access to any of the bar charts on both content blocks (Knowledge Use and Knowledge Views) and the following message appears: 

Security constraints prevent access to requested page

Please see the attached image for reference.


  1.  In the navigation filter, enter kb_use.list.
  2. Right-click the table header and select Configure > Security rules.
  3. Open the kb_use ACL for the read Operation.
  4. Add the knowledge_manager role in the Requires role related list.



Related Problem: PRB622955

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Fuji Patch 2

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