ServiceNow has an adjudicated Customer Support group that manages all cases reported by customers associated with United States Government (USG) organizations, including:

  • Federal agencies
  • State, local, or tribal organizations
  • Federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs)

When a case is created for one of these organizations in the online ServiceNow Customer Support system named HI, the case is classified as a USG case. USG cases are automatically assigned to the ServiceNow USG Customer Support group. For more information about how USG information is managed on HI, see Protecting United States Government Information on HI.

Customers working for USG organizations can read this page to learn about obtaining customer support from ServiceNow, including online resources and a dedicated USG customer support phone number. Customers working for commercial organizations can obtain information specifically for their needs by reading the Customer Support page.

Note: Customer Support does not provide assistance with implementations. Please contact the ServiceNow Implementation Services team.


Support best practices

ServiceNow suggests this customer support pathway for quick solutions:

  1. Clearly identify the issue or question.
  2. View the ServiceNow product documentation.
  3. Search the ServiceNow Community. You must create an account in the ServiceNow Community in order to post.
  4. Open a case using the online Customer Support system named HI.
  5. Contact the Customer Support team.


ServiceNow product documentation

The ServiceNow product documentation is the main repository for information about how to use the product. The search functionality returns answers from both the product documentation and the ServiceNow Community. Each article offers comment and ratings functions. Participation and feedback are encouraged. Questions concerning documentation can be registered directly on each page by using the Feedback tab.


ServiceNow community

The ServiceNow Community offers blogs, articles, groups, and events related to ServiceNow usage, administration, and customization. Searching the Community returns answers from all parts of the Community site.


Knowledge base

The Knowledge Base contains known errors, useful solutions, and troubleshooting tips to address commonly asked questions. It can be accessed within HI by navigating to Get Help > Knowledge.


ServiceNow monitoring

ServiceNow has a robust monitoring and diagnostics framework based on delivering cloud service to the end user. This framework helps detect, respond, predict, and prevent issues at each layer of the service dependency. For additional information, see ServiceNow Monitoring - Overview and Insight in the HI Knowledge Base.


Support basics for USG customers

If you are a USG customer and are currently experiencing an outage or need immediate assistance, please call our USG Support Team.

  • Hours: All support tools and materials are available on our websites 24 hours a day. The USG Support Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including all holidays.
  • Online Support: Customer Support system Customers receive user IDs during the implementation process.
  • USG Phone Support: Use the number for United States Government customers on our Contact page.


Searching for an answer to your issue

In the Now Support (HI), you can search through ServiceNow knowledge base articles, known error articles, product documentation, and the Community for an answer to your question or issue.

  1. Navigate to
  2. To find results in public knowledge base articles and Community, Search on the landing page before you log in.
  3. To find results from the Service Catalog, knowledge bases, and Community, log in to and Search from the Now Support (HI) homepage or in the navigation bar on any page of the portal.
  4. Click Get Help > Create a Case, and complete the Description.


Submitting a case

USG customers can submit a case using the same process as commercial customers. Use the case form to contact our USG Support Team for any questions or issues with your ServiceNow instance. Please provide as much detail as possible to expedite resolution. For more information, see the "Submitting a Case" section of the Customer Support knowledge base article.

Determining case priority
The priority of all requests is determined in accordance with the following guidelines: 
P1Any defect that causes an instance to be unavailable.
P2Any defect that causes a mission-critical function to fail.
P3Any request or defect that is significantly impeding work or progress.
P4Any request or defect that is important but not significantly impeding work or progress.



Viewing open cases

USG customers can view cases they have created using the same process as commercial customers.
  1. Navigate to
  2. Go to My Issues, and click the Cases tab.
  3. Click a case Number for detailed information.


Viewing closed cases

USG customers can view cases they have closed at any time.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Go to My Issues, and remove Active=True by clicking the breadcrumb.
  3. To view contextual results on the case creation form, click a case Number for detailed information.


Advanced service offerings

Please contact your Account Executive to learn more about our advanced service offerings, such as implementation services, custom software development, integration services, and training.


Customer Admin role

ServiceNow customers should designate at least one user Customer Administrator for the purpose of creating and managing users on the Customer Support portal. For more information, see Customer Administration.



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