Requesting ServiceNow product enhancements 

The ServiceNow enhancement request process offers customers and partners the ability to submit their ideas for new and improved functionality. We are intensely interested in the business problems our customers are facing and the ways we can improve the product to help resolve those problems. Enhancement requests are reviewed, prioritized, and incorporated into the product based on a number of criteria, including aggregate demand, strategic interests, and total effort.



PRBs are created for situations where the product is not working as designed or the design has an unexpected, detrimental effect on the customer.  They are tracked, followed up and closed out with an appropriate status update.


Enhancement requests are for a new feature to be added or an existing one to be improved.  They are not currently followed up individually but go into a larger pool of ideas for future development.  There is unlikely to be any specific update or action on an enhancement.


Creating enhancement requests

Enhancement Requests are ideas for new features or improvements to existing features.  These requests are not individually followed up on or responded to, but are taken into consideration when planning upcoming releases.  If there is an issue where the product is not working as designed, or the design has a detrimental effect, a case should be submitted.  

Use the Create New Enhancement Request form to submit an enhancement request.

  1. Navigate to HI at
  2. Click Service Catalog and, under Request Items, click Create New Enhancement Request.
  3. Answer the questions on the form, such as the general area of the product to enhance, the specific feature request, and how the feature would be used.
  4. [Optional] To obtain details about a field, click More Information.

    Enhancement Request form in Enterprise customer view of Customer Self-Self Portal

  5. Click Submit.


Viewing and editing enhancement requests

You can view and edit specific fields on enhancement requests that you or anyone associated with your organization submitted. Any incidents associated with the enhancement request are listed on the enhancement request record.

To edit an enhancement request:

  1. Navigate to HI at
  2. Click Requests > Enhancements
  3. Click an enhancement request Number.
  4. Edit the available fields, as necessary (see table below).
  5. Click Update.
UrgencyImportance of the enhancement request: High, Medium, or Low.
Short DescriptionA brief description of the enhancement request.
DescriptionDetailed description about the request, such as business cases or use cases.
Additional CommentsPublic information about the enhancement request. Customers, partners, and ServiceNow employees can view and add comments.




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