When in a list view and you click on a record link, then update it and navigate back to the list, the link disappears after a moment and the record link is un-clickable.

This happens when:
1. The List Control has the 'Omit edit button' checked.
2. The first column is occupied by a reference field. The subsequent column would then be the link to the record itself.

When the link disappears, an Ajax request goes out to the 'com.glide.ui_list_edit.AJAXListEdit' processor and the response comes back without a link for that record link, so it disappears.

Steps to Reproduce

Reproducible in Fuji and Eureka.


  1. Log in to a demo.
  2. Navigate to a list (such as sc_task.list).
  3. Right-click on any column header and select Configure > List Control.
  4. Place a check on the Omit edit button field then click Update.
  5. Modify the list layout (go to Configure > List Layout).
  6. Add a reference field and move it to the top of the selected list (such as the Request field on the sc_task list).

To reproduce the issue:

  1. Log in to the demo.
  2. Navigate to a list (such as sc_task.list).
  3. Click on the Record link (not the link for the Reference field).
  4. Make a change to the record and submit it. You will be taken back to the list.

Expected behavior:
The list is rendered and we can see all records having a link.

Actual behavior:
The list is rendered, the record we just edited has the link, and then the link disappears.



Move the reference field(s) so that it is not the first column in the list. This ensures that the first column is the one that takes you to the record.

Related Problem: PRB623148

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Eureka Patch 7 Hot Fix 1

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