The Duty Director User in 'User Contacts', which was manually added, disappears when the user updates the Incident Alert record.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Install the Incident Alert Management plugin with demo data.
  2. Navigate to Contact Administration > Contact Definitions.
  3. Click Incident Alert must have Duty Director.
  4. Remove the User record in Default Overrides related list and select Source as None.
  5. Create a new Incident Alert and save.
    Observe that under the User Contacts related list you see a Duty Director and the User column is empty.
  6. In the User Contacts related list, associate a user to the Duty Director record.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Update a field on the Incident Alert form (for example, the Description) and save.
    The associated user is removed.



If a condition is added to the contact definition (for example, Updates is 0), the User field of that user contact can be modified.

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Related Problem: PRB605402

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Dublin Patch 1

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