Determine if there is a bad or missing element on a form



Client-side functionality is interrupted due to bad or missing form elements. For example, a field appears on a form more than once or a UI policy condition is referring to a field or related list record that is no longer on the form. 



  • Field removed from form
  • Cannot change field
  • Form is broken
  • UI policy not working
  • UI action not working
  • Client scripts not working
  • Form sections not loading
  • Fields not visible
  • Mandatory field not working

  • There may be bad elements on a form that cause a field to appear on the form more than once. This confuses UI policy because the field is expected to be defined only once. Bad or missing elements may also be the cause of fields that are not on the form or relationship records that are no longer in a related list. 



When there are bad elements on a form, it can cause functionality to be interrupted in a number of ways. For example, if you define a related list on your form but then delete the relationship record that is behind that list, then the form is now pointing to an invalid record and will not render correctly. This breaks client-side functionality.

The easiest way to know whether a bad element exists it to right-click the header of the record and see if you get the normal list of ServiceNow record options or if you get the browser right-click options. If you are getting the browser right-click options, then the form has a broken element and you should contact Customer Support to investigate and correct the issue. 



This video describes how to troubleshoot incorrect mandatory fields on a form.


This video describes how to troubleshoot incorrect read-only fields on a form.

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