Determine if there is a browser version issue



A client side script error occurs when using older versions of a browser, but works as expected in newer versions and vice versa. 



  • Field removed from form
  • Cannot change field
  • Form is broken
  • UI policy not working
  • UI action not working
  • Client scripts not working
  • Form sections not loading
  • Fields not visible
  • Mandatory field not working

  • Older or newer versions of a browser that were not defined at the time of development can cause a client side error when certain scripts are run.
  • Plugins or add-ons in the browser are causing conflicts with the ServiceNow platform. 



When UI policies are not functioning as expected, try using newer or older versions of your existing browser as well as other types of browsers (IE versus Firefox or Firefox versus Chrome). For example, in earlier versions of IE, the console was not defined unless you actually had the developer tools open, so if you had a script that did a console.log statement, it would cause a client side error in early IE versions, but work fine in other browsers. If you discover a discrepancy in browser behavior related to your UI policies, then open a ticket with technical support for investigation.

If a plugin or add-on in the browser may be causing conflicts with the ServiceNow platform, disable them for testing to rule out any conflicts.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:29:02