Determining if the client script is disabled



The client script is disabled, affecting the ability to set a UI policy to a form. 



  • Cannot change field
  • UI policy not working
  • UI action not working
  • Client scripts not working
  • Fields not visible
  • Mandatory field not working 

  • Client scripts are manipulating the fields you are trying to set with a UI policy. For example, if a client script changes field A to a different value, and that causes a condition to no longer be true in a UI policy, then the UI policy no longer fires.



When UI policies are not working as expected, it is a good idea to check if there are client scripts (or catalog client scripts if appropriate) that are manipulating the fields. For example, if you are trying to set the caller_id field to mandatory in an incident with a UI policy, you can check for client scripts that might be affecting this field as follows:

  1. Go to client scripts (or catalog client scripts).
  2. Filter the breadcrumbs as follows:

    Table is incident
    script contains caller_id

  3. Review the scripts to see if they might be conflicting with your UI policy.
  4. If no matches are found, revise the search to see if the script field contains a field that is being used in the condition of your UI policy. For example, if your UI policy for the caller_id field was checking the category field as part of the condition, then do a client scripts search where:

    Table is incident
    script contains category

  5. If other fields are part of your UI policy condition, check those in the same manner.


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