Resolving CSS errors and conflict on CMS pages after upgrading to Fuji 



When upgrading to Fuji, some elements on your CMS page may appear differently. This may occur if you have styled your CMS page using ServiceNow CSS, as ServiceNow has upgraded this CSS as part of the Fuji release. 

If an element does not display correctly, the element's class or ID can be changed to match an existing CSS class, or the CSS itself can be overwritten.

How will I know if my instance is affected?
Visually inspect your CMS pages.



There are two workaround possibilities:

  • Overwrite the CSS itself to fix the issue
  • Change the affected element's class or ID to match an existing CSS class

To overwrite the CSS:

  1. Identify the incorrect style of the element (for example, in Chrome Developer Tools, you can uncheck styles for elements which you think are incorrect).
  2. Find the page that you are looking at:
    1. Search for the URL suffix that you see in the URL. For example, the URL suffix of <your instance>/ess/order_hardware.do is order_hardware.
    2. Navigate to Content Management > Pages.
    3. Filter by URL suffix and open the record for the affected page. 
  3. Open the Content theme record:
    • If there is a defined entry in the Content Theme field, click the (i) button to open the theme record.
    • If there is no defined theme entry, click the (i) button next to the Content site field to open the site record, then open the theme record shown in the Default theme field.
  4. Open a CSS page within the theme, then update this style sheet with the CSS styling you want to see in the page. (All of the style sheets are included in each page, so any style sheet can be used.)
  5. To see the effect of your changes, flush the browser cache as well as the instance cache by going to <your instance>/cache.do, then re-display the cart.  


A shopping cart is being incorrectly displayed:

You can inspect the element, then uncheck the styles for elements you think are incorrect:

Edit and update the relevant style sheet as required to fix the issue:

Finally, inspect the results of your changes:


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