When attempting to set up a new SCCM integration, testing of the SQL connection results in failure, even after verifying credentials.

When a user enters SQL credentials for the SCCM integration connection and attempts to test the new connection, a stack trace is returned indicating login failure for one or more data source. User is certain credentials are correct.
  • Error: java.sql.SQLException: Login failed for user 'xxxxxx'.



SCCM Integration, by default, uses SQL based authentication (Standard Security) to connect to the SQL server and the company may have elected to use Windows NT based authentication (Integrated Security) for their SQL server. The login fails because the MID Server is using the wrong method to connect to the SQL server.



In order to successfully test and use the connection, the user must enable Integrated Authentication for each SCCM Data Source.

Note: The following should be done only if the SQL authentication mode has been verified to be Window NT (Integrated Authentication).


Verify MID Server credentials:

  1. Open Services in the Windows Management Console.
  2. Open the ServiceNow MID Server service.
  3. Verify the Log On account/password are a Windows user with access to the SQL SCCM tables.
  4. If updated, restart MID Server
Warning: Restarting MID Server may cause delays and/or downtime in services.


Enable Integrated Authentication for each SCCM Data Source:

  1. Navigate to Integration - Microsoft SCCM 2012.
  2. Navigate to Data Sources.
  3. Open Data Source.
  4. Select Use integrated authentication.
  5. Update and repeat for remaining data sources.
Note: If the Use integrated authentication is not available on the data source form, it must be added through Personalize -> Form Design.


When finished, navigate back to the SCCM Setup and test the connection again. 


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