When an ITIL user submits a request for a catalog item with a select box variable, this is dynamically populated.
The RITM that is created displays the value for the variable, which should be dynamically populated for the ITIL user, but in Eureka it behaves differently. The value for the variable is not shown on the RITM/TASK tickets for ITIL users.

Steps to Reproduce

In Calgary Patch 2:

  1. Add the ITIL role to the glide.ui.view_change_roles property to enable view switching for the ITIL user.
  2. Create a select box variable with no choices on a catalog item.
  3. Add an onLoad script as follows: g_form.addOption('<variable_name>','test-webex','test-webex');
  4. Impersonate an ITIL user.
  5. Choose the modified catalog item.
  6. Choose the select box to be test-webex.
  7. Submit the request.
  8. View the created RITM record in the default view.
  9. Notice the value of the select box variable is populated as the selected test-webex
  10. Test the same steps on Eureka Patch 2 and notice the variable vaue is not populated on the RITM from the ITIL user. However, the value for the select box variable in the sc_item_option in both cases is saved as the submitted value, such as test-webex, etc.


The issue has been resolved in Eureka Patch 8 and later. There is no workaround for previous versions.

Related Problem: PRB614060

Seen In

Calgary Patch 2 Hot Fix 12
Calgary Patch 4
Dublin Patch 7 Hot Fix 6
Eureka Patch 10
Eureka Patch 5
Eureka Patch 6 Hot Fix 2
Eureka Patch 7
Eureka Patch 7 Hot Fix 2

Fixed In


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