Reference qualifier set in a reference field does not work when using the auto-completer feature. This occurs in a multi-language instance.

Steps to Reproduce


Install one of the language plugins, such as Spanish.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Log in to a base system demo
  2. Create a custom table: Problem types [problem_type]
  3. Create field: [Name] of type: Translated Field
  4. Click Save
  5. Create three records with these names: a) Local Printer b) Network Printer c) Zebra Printer
  6. Navigate to problem_type.list to confirm that the table is created and three records are in it
  7. Change the language to Spanish
  8. Navigate to problem_type.list and open the three records created in step 5, one-by-one, and then save the name in Spanish as indicated here: a) Impresora Zebra b) Impresora Local c) Impresora de Red. The corresponding sys_translated records are created.
  9. Navigate to the sys_translated table to verify that the records are created
  10. Change the language to English
  11. Navigate to Dictionary and locate the Name field created in step 2. Update the reference qualifier condition to bring only one record from the 3 records created in this problem_type table
  12. The Advance reference qualifier condition is where to replace the sys_id after checking the table: sys_id=00af0d8f0ff03100de61ebd692050efe^EQ 
  13. Navigate to Incident form > Personalize form layout. Create a new reference field called Problem Type that points to the custom table created in step 2. Click Save
  14. Change the language to English
  15. Navigate to > Problem type
    • Try the auto-complete, and click the lookup icon
    • Notice that typing Net brings one result, but typing ** brings one result as expected
    • Clicking the lookup icon brings only one record as expected
  16. Change the language to Spanish
  17. Navigate to > Problem type
    • Try the auto-complete and click the lookup icon
    • Notice that typing imp brings three results, but typing ** brings one result as expected
    • Clicking the lookup icon also brings only one record as expected

Use the attached remote update set and demo data to reproduce the issue:

Remote update set: sys_remote_update_set_0d319d8f0ff03100de61ebd692050ea5.xml

When using the instance in Spanish language, the auto-complete feature for the Problem type field should respect the reference qualifier set, but actually does not respect the reference qualifier set.



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Related Problem: PRB618278

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Fuji Patch 12 Hot Fix 1
Fuji Patch 13 Hot Fix 1

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