Web Services module | feature availability matrix 


There are many features that we provide as part of Web Services module, but not all features are available in all versions. The articles contains a matrix showing the earliest availability of our current Web Services features.


Feature availability matrix
FeatureAvailable FromRemarks
Inbound SOAP web service All supported versions 
Scripted SOAP web serviceAll supported versions 
Inbound Aggregate SOAP web service All supported versionsNeed to activate Aggregate plugin
Inbound JSONv2Calgary Patch 6 
Inbound Web service security with multiple security profilesDublin 
Inbound REST Web service Eureka 
Outbound Mutual Authentication with multiple keystoresFuji 
Outbound web services V2 APIFuji 
Inbound OAuth supportFuji 

As part of development of new features, sometimes we also deprecate features. Code serving these features still exists but is no longer supported:

Deprecated FeatureDeprecated FromRemarks
Outbound web service API (Script Includes)Fuji 


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