Update set record is not updated with recent changes made on its corresponding record. This occurs when creating a Task Assignment Definition which automatically creates a custom update in the sys_update_xml table. If the Task Assignment Definition record created is changed (for example, set to Publish), it is not recorded in the update set.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to Item Designer.
  2. Create a new Task Assignment Definition.
  3. Assign a Group or a User.
  4. Submit the record.
    The State should be Draft.
  5. Go to sys_update_xml.
    Note that an update set record was created and the State is set to Draft.
  6. Return to the Task Assignment Definition.
  7. Publish the record.
    The State changes to Publish and it should update the corresponding update set record. The payload should be State = Publish.


This is fixed EP8 onwards but for earlier patches, the workaround can ONLY be applied by internal Service Now employees because they are read-only script includes that are getting their codes changed.

To do so, find the latest code from an EP8 build for the two following script includes:

  • sys_script_include_684ea920c32111003d2ae219cdba8f38.xml
  • sys_script_include_80195270c33211003d2ae219cdba8f38.xml

Apply the code into their instances.

Note that this workaround only fixes the issue for newly generated item_designer records. Existing records may be able to alleviate the issue by ’touching' every record that they need captured in the update set so that it will then start being recorded.


Related Problem: PRB611064

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Eureka Patch 2

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