Welcome to the clean, new look in HI

An updated user interface for HI 

HI has a new look! You will notice several changes and improvements to the user interface. This article highlights some of the most notable changes. 


Streamlined Appearance

New icons and stylistic changes appear throughout the user interface. For example, on the main homepage, the latest incidents are displayed, along with the reference icon, which displays the form. Some of the icons on the Edge also have a new look and feel.


In the list view, there are new icons for functions such as Show / hide filter and Show activity stream in a flyout window.




In forms, there are new icons for functions such as Edit tags, Manage Attachments, Toggle annotationsEmail, Show related incidentsEdit Affected Instances, Suggestion, and Search Knowledge.




Additional System Settings


The following new options are available in the system menu:

  • Wrap Longer Text in List Columns: Long strings wrap in list columns instead of appearing as one long line when this setting is enabled. 


  • Compact View: The UI is optimized to display more information in the browser window when this setting is enabled.
  • Tabbed forms: Form sections and related lists appear in tabs when this setting is enabled. This setting previously appeared as an icon in the form header.
  • Alt/Command+Click Opens List Links in Form Pane: Pressing Alt (PC) or Command (Mac) and clicking the record name in a list, opens the record in a new form pane tab when this setting is enabled.
  • Date/Time: The format in which dates and times appear depends on this setting. Select Calendar (for example, 2014-11-13, 15:58:58), Time Ago (for example, 11 minutes ago), or Both (pictured below). 


  • Compact list date/time: Date and time values appear in a compact format when this setting is enabled. The year is not shown for date values within the current year, and seconds are not shown for time values. This setting is not available if the Date/Time selection is Time Ago.
  • Related List Loading: The point at which related lists load on a form depends on this setting. Select With the Form to load related lists as soon as you open a record, After Form Loads to load related lists after the rest of the form loads, or On-Demand to load related lists manually by clicking the Load Related Lists button on a form.


Additional Features

  • New shortcuts are available:
    • Open a new form pane tab: Press Command (Mac) or Alt (PC) and click a record name to open the record in a new form pane tab. 
    • Edit a record from the list view: Press Shift and click a record name or point to the reference icon to open the record in a pop-up window. 


  • When a list is sorted, the sorting column is highlighted. 


  • There is a new downward arrow icon for the list of column context menus and the application navigator context menu:
      • New UI:   
      • Previous UI:   


For more information, visit the What's new in HI landing page.




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