When there are a large number of SLAs definitions defined on an instance (several thousand) and SLAs are processed asynchronously, updates that should trigger a Paused state run prior to the initial async completion are leaving records in an In Progress state.

Steps to Reproduce

(Reproducible in Calgary through Fuji.)

  1. Log in to the demo instance.
  2. Go to Service Level Management > SLA Definitions.
  3. Import attached XML (contract_sla (1).xml). This adds a large number of SLA definitions to the instance.
  4. Go to Service Level Management > SLA Properties.
  5. Check the box for Run the 2011 SLA engine asynchronously after task insert or update operations, and Save.
  6. Go to Incident > Create New:
    Assignment Group: Database
    Impact: 1 - High
    Urgency: 1 - High
  7. Right-click on the header, and Save.
  8. Before the SLAs are all associated, set to Awaiting Problem state, and Save.
  9. Once all SLAs are associated, they appear in an In Progress state despite matching the criteria to pause the Database group response (P1 only) SLA and its derived SLAs.


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Related Problem: PRB609503

Seen In

Calgary Patch 1 Hot Fix 8
Eureka Patch 11

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