The Refine Results UI macro on Knowledge search results page (kb_find) displays unexpected article count.

The article count represented by the number displayed next to the topic category is misleading because it only shows the number of articles belonging to a specific topic or category that is currently being displayed on the page. This can be misleading because when you click on a link in the refine results section you are suddenly presented with more or less results than previously indicated by the article count.

This happens because the kb_refine_results UI macro does a loop over the results on the kb_find UI Page to calculate the number of results belonging to each Topic and Category. When one of the Topic or Category links is clicked, a completely new search query is being executed that may return more or less results than indicated by the previous count.


Update the kb_refine_results UI macro to not display any article counts.

Related Problem: PRB609053

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Eureka Patch 3 Hot Fix 1

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