Customer has recently ZBooted a test instance for which they are trying to import user photos from Active Directory. Below are the steps they have completed.

Instance: caadiscoverypov (note: this is instance is what customer is using, however the recreation steps below are outside the customer instance.)

- Set up MID Server
- Define LDAP Server and OU Definitions
-- Specify AD Attributes in LDAP Server Definition
-- Specify RDN and LDAP Filters to pull in a limited set of Users and Groups
- Test LDAP Connections (Success)
- Ran Several Test Data Loads (Success)
- Modified Field Lengths of LDAP Import Set Table
-- Larger Values for the fields of u_source, u_member, u_memberOf, u_thumbnailPhoto, u_cn, u_distinguishedName, u_dn, etc...
- Modify the glide.ldap.binary_attributes System Property to mark the LDAP attribute of "thumbnailPhoto" as a binary value (per blog linked below)
- Added onAfter Script for the LDAP User Import Transform (per blog linked below)

In our research we have found several community articles where using are having issues, however the solution proposed is not helping this users. Because of this the main differences in customer that have successfully pulled this data in is that they are not using a Mid server.

In the 'steps to reproduce' below you will find the recreation steps as well as the error generated when using a mid server.

Please review the recreation steps below and let us know if you any additional information.


Steps to Reproduce



You need to add the same property on the glide.properties file on the mid server.

1. Find the file (should be something like this: file/servicenow/***/agent/properties/glide.properties)

2. Add the row "glide.ldap.binary_attributes=..."

3. Save the file and restart the MID server.

Related Problem: PRB606339

Seen In

Eureka Patch 12
Eureka Patch 2
Eureka Patch 7
Fuji Patch 6

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