If you are using split pane layout and you set a choice list value that is more than a single word via a URL argument the space between words will be rendered as %20 in Chrome and Firefox. If you do the same thing when not in split pane mode the value is displayed correctly

This can be reproduced in demo Calgary, Dublin, Eureka, and Fuji instances with Chrome or Firefox

Steps to Reproduce


Create an onLoad client script on the affected table with the following script value in place. Be sure to replace the FIELD_NAME, WORD1, and WORD2 values with the appropriate field name and multi-word values.

if (g_form.getValue('FIELD_NAME') == 'WORD1%20WORD2') { 
g_form.setValue('FIELD_NAME','WORD1 WORD2'); 

Related Problem: PRB607555

Seen In

Calgary Patch 4
Eureka Patch 1 Hot Fix 2
Eureka Patch 2
Eureka Patch 4 Hot Fix 1
Eureka Patch 8

Fixed In


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