Product documentation states: "When a JDBC Data Source loads an import set table, and binary large object (BLOB] field is mapped, the binary object is automatically converted into an Attachment record (sys_attachment table)." 

Expected results: sys_attachment record is created per the product documentation mentioned above
Actual results: sys_attachment record is not created.

Note: The rest of the product documentation section cannot be performed until this is fixed: "This attachment record's sys_id value is stored in the target mapped field. To use this attachment, retrieve its record directly using the GlideRecord programming API in an onAfter script. The script needs to run in an onAfter event because the target.sys_id is available to be used at that point. For example, to map the resultant attachment to the target transform record, you can use the following script."

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Setup a MID Server and point to the instance.
  2. Create a Data Source with these attributes:
    • Import set table label: oracle_blob_import
    • Import set table name: u_oracle_blob_import
    • Type: JDBC
    • Use MID Server: <enter MID server created in step [1]>
    • Format: Oracle
    • Database name: snc
    • Database port: 1521
    • User name: snc
    • Password: ************
    • Server: localhost
    • Query: All Rows from Table (also tested a specific SELECT statement)
    • Table name: a table in the Oracle database that contains BLOBs
  3. Create the transform for this this Data Source (BLOB field was mapped).
  4. Run the import.


If you are able to upgrade, review the Fixed In field to determine the versions that have a permanent fix to this issue.

Related Problem: PRB608669

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Dublin EA 8

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