When a record from a table extended from task, for example sc_req_item, is loaded as a request item (for example, with the URL $m.do#/form/sc_req_item/<sys_id>), the mobile view is honored. When the same item is loaded as a task (for example, $m.do#/form/task/<sys_id>), the item does not load in mobile view, and view rules are not honored. This differs from the browser UI, where view rules are honored for the record regardless of whether the records is opened from the task or sc_request_item lists. This is issue occurs in the old mobile as well.

Steps to Reproduce


On browser:

  1. Create a view rule for sc_req_item to use the ESS view.
  2. Load a record from sc_req_item_list.do.
    The ESS view is used.
  3. Load the same records from task_list.do.
    The ESS view is used.

In mobile:

  1. Load a record from $m.do#/form/sc_req_item/<sys_id>.
    The mobile view is used, as expected.
  2. Load the same records from $m.do#/form/task/<sys_id>.
    The mobile view is not used.

 Create a mobile view rule to open sc_req_item in ESS:

  1. Load a record from $m.do#/form/sc_req_item/<sys_id>.
    The mobile view is used instead of ESS.
  2. Load the same records from $m.do#/form/task/<sys_id>.
    Neither the mobile view or ESS view is used. It looks like the default view is used.





This issue has been resolved as of the Eureka Patch 5 release.  Upgrading to this release of later will resolve the issue.  Upgrading to the latest available release is recommended. 

Related Problem: PRB602554

Seen In

Dublin EA 5
Dublin Patch 1
Dublin Patch 7 Hot Fix 2
Eureka Patch 3 Hot Fix 1

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