The Engine Based Notifications plugin is inactive by default for instances that upgrade from a version prior to the Berlin release. The plugin replaces certain event-triggered default email notifications with equivalent notifications that are triggered when records are inserted or updated. When you activate the plugin, due to a bug in the update code (see related duplicate PRB604905), the default email notifications are overwritten, even if you have modified them.

The following email notifications are overwritten:

  • Appointment Invite
  • Appointment Update
  • Change approved
  • Change assigned to me
  • Change assigned to my group
  • Change commented
  • Change commented (to assignee)
  • Change commented (unassigned)
  • Change rejected
  • Change Survey
  • Change Task assigned to me
  • Change Task assigned to my group
  • Change Task worknoted (to assignee)
  • Change Task worknoted (unassigned)
  • Change worknoted (to assignee)
  • Change worknoted (unassigned)
  • Email assigned to (sc_task)
  • Email assigned to group (sc_task)
  • Incident assigned to my group
  • Incident Closed
  • Incident commented
  • Incident Opened & Unassigned
  • Incident Resolved
  • Knowledge Closed Created
  • Knowledge Closed Duplicate
  • Knowledge Closed Invalid
  • MID Server Down Notification
  • Notify Change Calendar
  • Problem assigned to me
  • Problem assigned to my group
  • Problem worknoted (to ITIL)
  • Problem worknoted (unassigned)
  • Request Completed
  • Request Item commented
  • System Deploy Confirmation
  • Task approved


Prior to activating the Engine Based Notifications plugin, export any email notifications you have modified. You do not need to save newly created notifications. After you activate the plugin, re-import your saved notifications.

Alternatively, make use of the platform's versions feature to recover previous versions of the notifications:

  1. Navigate to System Policy > Email > Notifications.
  2. Open any customized email notification that was overwritten by the plugin activation.
  3. Right-click the form header and select Personalize > Related Lists.
  4. Add the Versions related list.
  5. Use the Version related list to review and revert changes that were made by the plugin activation.
  6. Repeat as necessary.


Related Problem: PRB605833

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