"ci.affected" events have blank Parm1 and Parm2 parameters due to a base system business rule named "Affected ci notifications." This issue is caused when a CI does not have a parent CI (observed in table [cmdb_rel_ci]). The Affected ci notifications base system business rule loops through related configuration items and generates a corresponding ci.affected event for its parent. This fails if a [cmdb_rel_ci] record does NOT have a parent so Parm1 and Parm2 are empty. Normally, we would not have entries in the [cmdb_rel_ci] table where the Parent field has a null reference. Because this field is not mandatory, it is possible to import into such table.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a [cmdb_rel_ci] record with no reference to a parent.
  2. Invoke the "ci.affected" event by generating an example [incident] record related to the CI.
    Note that the "ci.affected" event has blank values for Parm1 and Parm2 parameters.


Deactivate and create a copy of the Affected ci notifications business rule. In the Script field, add the following two lines after declaring a new GlideRecord on [cmdb_rel_ci] in function notifyParents() just before the while loop:


If you upgrade your instance to a version in which the Affected ci notifications business rule is updated to include this fix, activate the Affected ci notifications business rule and deactivate or delete the duplicate business rule.

Related Problem: PRB602379

Seen In

Berlin Patch 11
Calgary Patch 1 Hot Fix 8
Dublin Patch 1
Eureka Patch 11

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