Export Question – Including Attachments When Exporting Incidents, Problems, and Other Records



When exporting incidents, problems or other type of records with attachments, how do we export these attachments to CSV, Excel or PDF?

Note: This KB is for exporting to formats other than XML (CSV, Excel, PDF). The XML allows exports with attachments and is the recommended format to export.




If we want to bulk extract attachments along with the each ticket in one go, it is not possible to do that within the current platform. You can create an enhancement request.

However, you can extract attachments one by one by specifying the table name and date range. It can be done from the sys_attachment table, for example:'2014-07-01'%2C'00:00:00')%40javascript:gs.dateGenerate('2014-07-20'%2C'23:59:59')

This URL shows all the attachments created in the date range from incidents. Rename the attachment based on the incident number (checking table sys_id column for the incident number).

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